"And what is as important as knowledge?"  asked the Mind. 


"Caring and seeing with the heart." answered the Soul



Massage as a profession has gained increasing recognition within the last decade, both from the general public and the medical community. In order to play our part in maintaining this valid acknowledgement, we at the Monterey Institute of Touch (MIT) strive to provide our students with in-depth massage technique training and a solid foundation of anatomy and physiology. And that is where we begin. In addition, the methods and practices of various healing modalities and the skills of successful bodyworkers are collectively examined and applied as a broad basis of learning. The best procedures are selected and combined to create a base from which students are encouraged to build individual style. This leads to the discovery within each student of true personal power and the recognition that therapeutic effectiveness makes of massage as a healing art.

Under this belief the Monterey Institute of Touch was founded in 1983. Over the years a continuing series of advanced workshops and seminars were added to the basic program to create a program which offered the latest advances in the holistic health care field. MIT is well known for providing hands-on training in a variety of courses that range from basic introductory massage to advanced programs for the professional body-worker. The program continues to grow and offers a two-tiered certification which consists of a 250 Hour Massage Practitioner program and a 500 Hour Massage Therapist program. In addition, MIT offers many unique specialization opportunities attracting students and teachers worldwide.

Those considering a course of study at MIT are invited to visit the facility and to discuss their objectives and study plans with the administrative staff. Whether the education is to be used for entering into the field of Massage, or for personal growth, family health care or as a stepping stone into another health-related career, the techniques and processes taught will be valuable life skills which will continue to benefit you and those you touch throughout your lives.

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