Massage, in the last few years, has gained the recognition it deserves as a healing art. 

To maintain this acknowledgment from the medical community, massage practitioners must have in-depth training and a solid foundation. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is only the beginning. In addition, the methods and practices of the various healing modalities and the skills of successful body-workers must be collectively examined and applied as a broad basis for learning. The best procedures are borrowed and combined to create a base from which students are encouraged to build an individual style. This leads to the discovery of a true personal power and the recognition that therapeutic effectiveness makes of massage a healing art.

Inspired by this belief, the Monterey Institute of Touch was founded in 1983 by John Sanderson to provide a quality State Certification Program for massage practitioners. Over the years the course curriculum has been upgraded and advanced workshops and seminars have been added to the basic program to keep pace with the latest advances in the holistic health care field.


The Monterey Institute of Touch is located just six miles from Highway 1 in sunny mid-Carmel Valley (15 minutes from Monterey). The location offers easy access by bus or car with ample parking. Housing is available in the nearby community for out-of-town students. The school has been in its present location since 1990. 

The Institute, the facility it occupies and the equipment it utilizes, comply fully with all federal, state and local ordinances and regulations, including those requirements as to fire safety, building safety and health. 

A library of textbooks on related subjects are available for purchase, as well as massage supplies, i.e. lotions, oils and cremes.

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