Enrollment is open to all students who demonstrate a desire to receive an education in the healing arts regardless of sex, race, religion or national origin.

As the Institute and its programs are directed towards professional training, attendance and lateness policies reflect a professional attitude.

All classes begin promptly. Lateness is defined as missing five minutes or more of any class. Lateness of fifteen minutes or three lates constitute an absence. Leaving early or tardiness after a break is counted the same as beginning late. Students failing to maintain satisfactory attendance or who are consistently late will be counseled by the Director. 

Attendance will be deemed unsatisfactory if four classes are missed during the course period. At the Director's discretion, a student may be dismissed for unsatisfactory attendance. Four consecutive classes missed are grounds for immediate dismissal. Re-admittance may be considered if the cause for unsatisfactory attendance has been corrected. In the event of absence make up classes or tutorials must be arranged with the instructor.

Due to the structure and scheduling of each class, no leave of absence will be granted. A student may withdraw/dropout of a class at any time. This must be stated in writing and mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to the administration office. Refunds are made according to refund policies outlined in the application form and on your student enrollment agreement.

Students will be evaluated by written examination for the anatomy and physiology classes, massage theory and contraindications. Practical evaluation will be conducted during the massage portion of each class. For all examinations a score of 60% or higher will be considered passing. In addition, prior to each student receiving her/his certificate of completion all students must:
  1. complete all required course homework and makeup any absences;
  2. fulfill the requirement for a minimum of 30 one-on-one documented internship or clinic sessions;
  3. give a passing final massage to an instructor; and 
  4. pay all tuition and fees in full.

Each student is required to maintain satisfactory progress in order to remain enrolled at MIT Student progress will be monitored throughout the course. Records will be reviewed at a minimum of 25%, 50% and completion of the course. Students may request a consultation with their instructor concerning her/his progress anytime during the course. 

Failure to maintain the following standards is reason for dismissal, suspension or probation: 

  1. students must pass all tests with a minimum score of 60%;
  2. a minimum of 30 internship or clinic sessions are required during the course of the program; 
  3. all homework assignments must be returned in accordance with the teachers' instructions; 
  4. students must make tuition payments on time;
  5. weekly reports must be submitted and classroom student file maintained with all internship session documentation.

Students have three months after the last day of class to complete their internship massage sessions. Each student is required to submit a schedule of completion to her/his teacher on the last day of class.

All students are expected to comply with accepted standards of professional conduct and good taste. 
Any student may be dismissed at the discretion of the Director for the following behavior:

  1. student under the influence of alcohol or illegal drug on school premises; 
  2. possession or distribution of alcohol or any federally controlled substances on school premises; 
  3. behavior creating a safety hazard to other persons; and 
  4. any other stated or determined infraction of the rules of conduct.
Students will be notified in writing of suspension or probation and the reasons for such action. The notification will also specify the length of probation/ suspension and deficiencies and/or behaviors that must be displayed during that time to regain regular student status. A student will be allowed ONE probation during her/his enrollment. In the case of student suspension a formal hearing between the students' instructor and the Director must be held to decide reinstatement. Students will be notified in writing of dismissal from M.I.T. and the reasons for such action. In the case of student dismissal a formal hearing between the students teacher and the Director must be held to consider reinstatement. The decision of the Director is final. A student who has been dismissed may not reapply for one calendar year. A student may appeal the Director's decision of probation, suspension or dismissal. A written appeal must be submitted to the Director within 10 days of the action. The Director shall respond in writing to the appeal within 10 days of receipt.

From time to time differences in interpretation of school policies will arise, usually due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding. We urge both students and staff to communicate directly to the individual(s) involved. If problems cannot be resolved in this manner, grievances should be reported directly to the office staff, either orally or in writing, Monday through Friday from 1PM - 6PM. The Director will investigate the complaint thoroughly and provide the student with either an oral or written response within ten days.

Permanent records for all students are maintained in the administrative office and may be seen by students by contacting the office staff. Student transcripts are provided once, free of charge. Subsequent transcripts are available for a $10.00 service charge. Student records are maintained for a period of five years.

Credit for equivalent education or training may be approved at the discretion of the Administrator. A review of documentation and/or practical examinations may be required; it is the responsibility of students to deliver such documentation to the Institute along with application forms.

Monterey Institute of Touch does not offer placement services.
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