500 Hour Program

The Massage Therapist Certification program is for the bodyworker who has successfully completed our 250-hour Massage Practitioner Certification course.

This program is ongoing and can be entered as soon as the student has completed the Massage Practitioner program. It can be completed in as little as eight months. It is designed to give students a way to continue their education in an organized manner and it can be tailored to meet their individual needs and desires. The goal is to provide students with a solid, in-depth knowledge of theory and practice in the subjects offered, following the California Massage Therapy Council, CAMTC, and the American Massage Therapy Association, AMTA, guidelines. CAMTC School Approval Code: SCH0072

The program blends sensitive bodyworking techniques with integrated Anatomy and Kinesiology; develops awareness techniques using body/mind metaphors, music, movement, listening and seeing. This advanced training provides creative bodyworkers with an opportunity to broaden their skills and deepen their insights.

Upon completion of this program, students can apply to the California Massage Therapist Council, CAMTC, for State Certification as a CMT, Certified Massage Therapist

The 500-hours of coursework for the Massage Therapist Program include the following program blocks.

250 hours in the Massage Practitioner Certification Program

160 hours of Required Classes

* 64 hours of Anatomy & Physiology
* 52 hours of Advanced Massage Techniques (Massage II)
* 36 hours of Pathology with Clinical Application
* 8 hours of Thumbless Therapy

90 hours of Electives (Minimum)

This block is designed by the special interests of the student choosing from the Continuing Education courses, i.e. Sports Massage, Orthopedic, Prenatal, Swedish Massage, etc.

Please go to Program Schedule for a list of courses currently offered.

Click on link below to download the Advanced Coursework.

* Transfer students evaluated on an individual basis.

500 Hour Massage Therapist Advanced Coursework

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